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USPS Shipping Discounts: We Can Help You Get Your Own Postal Discounts (Or Use Ours)

Let Shipware figure out which packages make the most sense for you to ship USPS instead of the more expensive private carriers. Faster delivery at a lower cost. Procure better postal discounts for your growing business through Shipware.

Getting discounts on postal products like Priority Mail is easy!

The Postal Service is aggressively going after a larger share of the shipping market, and it has the products and pricing to do it. A pricing analysis reveals that the USPS is particularly competitive for lightweight, residential packages specially to close-in zones.

The Postal Service has many unique advantages over the private national carriers. They are the only carrier that can place you packages in mailboxes, PO Boxes and residential mail slots. They offer free package pickup six days a week. They have the most drop-off points in the country. They deliver to every address at the same price.

Other advantages include the fact that the USPS is the only carrier that offers pricing for parcels that weigh 13 ounces or less (First-Class Mail Package) with delivery service standards within 3 business days. And they don’t charge you for “accessorial” charges: Avoid fuel surcharges, residential add-on fees, “delivery area” surcharges, Saturday pickup and delivery fees, and other common charges associated with FedEx and UPS.

Best of all, you can get discounts on many postal products through Shipware. And if you’re a high-volume shipper, we can even negotiate a custom contract on your behalf (called Negotiated Services Agreements).

If you ship postal – or would like to explore adding the USPS to your carrier mix – contact Shipware. What do you have to lose? Excessive shipping costs, that’s what!

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