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Parcel Pay

Automate your carrier payments, saving time and avoiding late fees

Carrier payments can be a hassle and source of frustration for accounts payable professionals at companies that ship across multiple accounts and/or carriers. Shippers can receive several invoices through a day, due dates vary, and invoices can change due to refund credits, resulting in under- or over-payments from mistimed reconciliation. Shipware lifts the burden from A/P team by managing the consolidation of and payment of all your carrier invoices.

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Features & Benefits:

Accurate, On-time Payments
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Accurate, On-time Payments

We reconcile your invoices against guaranteed service refunds and credits to ensure you don’t over- or under-pay your carriers

Fast Onboarding, an Expedited Approval Process
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Fast Onboarding, an Expedited Approval Process

Getting started on our Parcel Pay Platform is a breeze and, aside from being faster and more efficient, there’s no change to your current approval processes

Complete Visibility
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Complete Visibility

No hidden fees or surcharges and Shipware delivers reconciliation reports confirming proper payment has been issued and received


Why should I pay my invoices with Shipware?

Consolidating invoices across different accounts with different carriers, dealing with varying due dates and payment methods – it can be time-consuming. Our automated solutions eliminate the hassle.

Our consultants work with you to customize the right solution for your business. We’ll automate GL coding and/or cost allocation reporting to fit your needs.

Automating invoice audits, refund claims, and payments will save your team hours each week, freeing them up to use their talents elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our Parcel Pay platform is 100% PCI compliant and secure.
You can use the same funds you use for writing checks or sending ACH. Parcel Pay requires no change to your current accounts payable process.

Automate your carrier payments, saving time and avoiding late fees

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