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Carrier Spend Management Portal

Enhanced visibility into your shipping spend, enabling you to make critical cost-saving decisions

Shipware’s Spend Management Portal provides on-demand, real-time shipping and logistics analytics. Dig into your shipping data through dynamic, interactive charts with unique clickthrough capabilities that allow you to quickly shift from high-level insights into a granular understanding of your shipping cost variables.

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Features & Benefits:

Model Transportation Cost Scenarios
Step 1

Model Transportation Cost Scenarios

Develop cost-saving strategies to align with forecasted expansion, decline, organic or inorganic growth

Measure Impacts
Step 2

Measure Impacts

See the impact of rate increases, accessorial surcharges, optimization efforts, and more, in easy-to-read charts

Boardroom Ready Dashboards
Step 3

Boardroom Ready Dashboards

Customize dashboards for each of your users, from CEOs to analysts, in an attractive, presentation-friendly interface.


How can Shipware’s Spend Management Portal help my business?

The data, charts, and connections made in our Spend Management Portal are the same data your carriers use to assess your value to their business. With this data now at your fingertips, you can make cost-saving decisions based on your carrier’s cost-to-serve model.

Shipping is a large, variable overhead cost for many businesses. With Shipware’s Spend Management Portal, you’ll be able to easily identify trends and patterns that can assist with quarterly and annual budgeting.

Quick and easy access to KPIs and indicators impacting your shipping costs. Identify areas of improvement, get insights into your customer base, and make objective data-driven choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic access to our Spend Management Portal is completely free for an unlimited number of users when bundled with one of our other solutions like our Parcel Pay, Parcel Audit, or Parcel Contract Negotiation services. Premium access to our portal starts at $1000 per month (unlimited users) when bundled with Parcel Pay and $2000 per month (unlimited users) without a Parcel Pay subscription. Contact a Shipware representative to discuss customized pricing plans for your business.
Premium access unlocks visibility into a larger number of predefined charts with more advanced shipping analytics – a must-have or any logistics professional. Premium also unlocks our advanced shipping calculators, such as our Rate Increase calculator, allowing you to model future transportation cost scenarios.
Yes! Test drive our Spend Management Portal for 30 days at no cost, using your unique shipping data or our comprehensive demonstration data based on real-world distribution profiles. Contact a representative to get started!

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