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3PL Fulfillment & Agreement Optimization

Get maximum value from your current third-party logistics (3PL) or fulfillment (3PF) partnership, or find the right provider at the right price

Leveraging a strong third-party fulfillment partnership for inventory management, pick & pack, shipping, and returns management can unlock enormous opportunities for your business. But, with thousands of providers to choose from with variable pricing options, different contract formats, locations all over the country and services upon services, how can you have peace-of-mind that you’re getting the greatest value from your 3PF? Let Shipware help you reach efficiency in your logistics operations.

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Our 3PL/3PF Procurement Process:

We assess your current contract and/or 3PF wish list
Step 1

We assess your current contract and/or 3PF wish list

We determine if your current provider aligns with your logistics needs, if you’re overspending according to our benchmarks, or identify what you should be looking for in a partner according to your shipping data

We negotiate directly with the incumbent or evaluate the market via RFP
Step 2

We negotiate directly with the incumbent or evaluate the market via RFP

Shipware negotiates on your behalf, ensuring best-in-class contract terms that meet your logistics needs and objectives at market-best pricing

We ensure your provider is held accountable
Step 3

We ensure your provider is held accountable

By working Service Level Agreements (SLAs) into your contract, we hold your 3PL or 3PF accountable to measurable service and performance standards. This way, you can ensure operational efficiency in your supply chain and logistics processes


Why should Shipware help me procure Third Party Warehousing & Fulfillment?

Across our assessments, we’ve found that 4 in 5 merchants overpay for 3PL and fulfillment services. Contracts are inherently complex. Terms that offer financial relief for service failures are non-existent. Maybe your provider offers you reduced fees for select services, only to make significant margins on small parcel & LTL freight. Comprehensive logistics consulting from Shipware will shed light on these logistics problems for you.

Many growing companies engage in 3PF or 3PL procurement without knowing contract negotiation best practices. And, how would they? Competitors or providers don’t typically share that kind of information. That’s why most fail to incorporate Service Level Agreements that benchmark their provider’s performance against Key Performance Indicators. Our 3PL consulting service provides the leverage needed to develop and implement enforceable SLAs.

For many businesses, 3PF is necessary to compete with the Amazon Effect, meet customer expectations – simply, to compete. Choosing the right 3PF or 3PL logistics solutions for your business is more than finding the lowest cost provider. What technology do they use or offer? Is their staff highly trained (for example, if you sell frozen foods, are they qualified in food safety)? What is their infrastructure like? Shipware works with you to make sure you get it right.

Businesses that partner with Shipware average 21.5% savings on annual shipping costs

Whether they spend $100 million or fifty thousand per year on shipping, Shipware has helped businesses across all sizes and industries cut costs and spend smarter.

What we learned after working with Shipware is that the confidentiality provision in carrier pricing agreements is a well thought-out strategy to prevent shippers from understanding the rates and terms of other shippers since we can’t disclose rates. The Shipware process allowed us to better understand the discounts and concessions we were entitled to without any breach in terms with our delivery partners.

VP of Supply Chain, Automotive

Detroit MI
We used to use a broker for our LTL shipments. In theory, it’s a good concept: benefit with deeper discounts by aggregating volume from hundreds of other shippers. However, after working with Shipware, we learned that we could avoid huge broker markups and reduce our LTL costs by forging direct relationships with the carriers. We are saving 18% with the same high-quality LTL providers we had been using previously, and as we grow, WE benefit with even higher discounts – and not the broker. We’re also using Shipware’s TMS to identify the right carriers for the right loads for better time in transit at lower costs. I’ll never use a broker again.

Dir of Transportation, Consumer Products

Carlsbad CA
I’m not new to logistics. Been at my job nearly two decades, and I’ve worked with 4-5 parcel invoice audit companies during my career. Shipware’s audit is hands down the best. It delivers significantly greater savings week in and week out, and their spend management reports and portal are tools I actually use to improve my business.

President, Automotive

San Diego CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipware averages 15% savings for companies that stay with their incumbent 3PL or 3PF provider. In addition to reducing costs, we’ll develop and insert Services Level Agreements into your renegotiated contract, giving your peace-of-mind that you and your customers are receiving best-in-class service.
Our team has decades of experience working for and with some of the largest 3PLs in the world. Our internal benchmarking and insider knowledge of the 3PL and fulfillment industry provides leverage for negotiating the best possible pricing and terms. Our expertise in parcel & LTL shipping logistics provides insights into your customer base that allows us to further optimize provider selection. Couple this with an aggressive RFP process that we’ve developed internally over time, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.
Like most of our solutions, we’re only paid if you save, meaning no upfront costs. After lowering your current costs, Shipware is paid a percentage of those savings – measurable and guaranteed results. If you have no current provider, Shipware will provide a complimentary assessment and consultation, after which we can work with you on a customized pricing package to begin the RFP and negotiation process. Contact Shipware today to schedule your complimentary assessment!

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