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There are many opportunities to move some classes of freight from one service to another and/or between carriers to drive incremental savings. Examples include upgrading selected Ground freight to a USPS Air product, moving Ground to a Deferred Ground option, or the same service levels between carriers for a portion of the freight spend.
Shipware has access to reduced rates for qualifying businesses with FedEx; DHL; the USPS; each of the major regionals including Dicom, OnTrac, LSO, Spee Dee, UDS, Lasership and Pitt-Ohio/US Cargo; and all the major LTL carriers. What carrier and service mix offer the lowest total costs and best overall service for your customer base? Get answers with Shipware’s Transportation Spend Analysis and an advanced assessment of carrier shipping options.
Any time there is a dilution of freight from the primary carrier, it can impact the volume bonuses that carriers build into their contracts. It is not an accident that UPS and FedEx include these bonuses – it’s to discourage the use of regional carriers and the USPS. Shipware ensures the cost benefits of moving volume between carriers overcomes these carrier-imposed challenges while working to rightsize your Earned Discount or Portfolio Tier incentives to maximize savings.

Parcel & LTL Contract Optimization

Absolutely! UPS takes pride in its on-time delivery performance, and offers guaranteed service refunds for late deliveries. The challenge is, of course, that most companies don’t have the technology nor the resources to audit freight bills and file late claims on every eligible package.  That’s where Shipware comes in – to watch every package so you don’t have to. As a UPS shipper, you have the right to ensure the accuracy of your shipping bills and the fulfillment of all service guarantees, which are standard practice within the logistics industry.  Shipware casts a wider net to not only make the claims process easier for you (we do all the work), but to delivery significantly greater refunds and savings with our help.
No, we can help with small parcel contract negotiation so you can renegotiate a new shipping contract at any time. In fact, because shipping costs increase at least once a year, it’s best practice to renegotiate most contracts yearly, if not more, for optimal efficiency. It’s very rare for a carrier contract to remain optimized until expiration.
Shipware works with you behind the scenes, providing the necessary data, route optimization analyses, templates, and language to ensure you present yourself like an industry expert and crush your next negotiation. Because our partnership is kept completely confidential, your carrier will never know you’re working with Shipware. You’ll never see a Parcel or LTL Contract Optimization customer logo or name on our site because helping our customers succeed is our top priority.
If you want to retain your current carrier, Shipware will help you negotiate the best possible rates with them. However, there can be advantages to switching primary parcel carriers, diversifying your carrier mix, or shifting all your volume to a single provider. Our LTL & parcel shipping consulting team will model all possible scenarios for you while empowering you to make an informed decision based on comprehensive analytics.

Parcel & LTL Invoice Audit & Pay

Right now, connecting your small parcel shipping accounts to our UPS audit and FedEx audit software can be done in a snap and setup only takes a few minutes. We also have the capability to audit DHL invoices with some considerations. Speak to a Shipware representative today to learn more about our DHL small parcel auditing.
There are no out-of-pocket costs to audit shipping carrier invoices and you can expect guaranteed returns! Our parcel audit pricing is customized for you based on factors like shipping spend and package volume. We partner with small and large businesses alike and work closely with you to develop a package that fits your needs. Most parcel and freight auditing plans operate on gainshare pricing, meaning we pay ourselves with a portion of the recovered shipping costs.

Parcel Pay

You can use the same funds you use for writing checks or sending ACH. Parcel Pay requires no change to your current accounts payable process.
Absolutely! Our Parcel Pay platform is 100% PCI compliant and secure.

Spend Management Portal

Yes! Test drive our Spend Management Portal for 30 days at no cost, using your unique shipping data or our comprehensive demonstration data based on real-world distribution profiles. Contact a representative to get started!
Premium access unlocks visibility into a larger number of predefined charts with more advanced shipping analytics – a must-have or any logistics professional. Premium also unlocks our advanced shipping calculators, such as our Rate Increase calculator, allowing you to model future transportation cost scenarios.
Basic access to our Spend Management Portal is completely free for an unlimited number of users when bundled with one of our other solutions like our Parcel Pay, Parcel Audit, or Parcel Contract Negotiation services. Premium access to our portal starts at $1000 per month (unlimited users) when bundled with Parcel Pay and $2000 per month (unlimited users) without a Parcel Pay subscription. Contact a Shipware representative to discuss customized pricing plans for your business.

Third Party Warehousing & Fulfillment Procurement

Like most of our solutions, we’re only paid if you save, meaning no upfront costs. After lowering your current costs, Shipware is paid a percentage of those savings – measurable and guaranteed results. If you have no current provider, Shipware will provide a complimentary assessment and consultation, after which we can work with you on a customized pricing package to begin the RFP and negotiation process. Contact Shipware today to schedule your complimentary assessment!
Our team has decades of experience working for and with some of the largest 3PLs in the world. Our internal benchmarking and insider knowledge of the 3PL and fulfillment industry provides leverage for negotiating the best possible pricing and terms. Our expertise in parcel & LTL shipping logistics provides insights into your customer base that allows us to further optimize provider selection. Couple this with an aggressive RFP process that we’ve developed internally over time, and we guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.
Shipware averages 15% savings for companies that stay with their incumbent 3PL or 3PF provider. In addition to reducing costs, we’ll develop and insert Services Level Agreements into your renegotiated contract, giving your peace-of-mind that you and your customers are receiving best-in-class service.

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