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UPS freight trucks, and a Shipware UPS auditing software interface

FedEx Parcel & Freight Audit Software

With our automated FedEx audit software, we scan your weekly FedEx invoices for billing errors, late FedEx shipment packages, incorrect charges, duplicate charges, and more. Eligible refunds are automatically credited back to your FedEx Shipping account, saving your team time and money all while reducing your overall shipping cost.
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Our FedEx Audit & Recovery Process

Sync With FedEx Billing Online
Step 1

Sync With FedEx Billing Online

After connecting to your FedEx account, we start by examining each line item to find eligible refunds based on FedEx’s service guarantee. Setup is swift and only takes a few minutes!

Spot Service Failures and Late Deliveries
Step 2

Spot Service Failures and Late Deliveries

Our FedEx audit software reviews each FedEx package to detect multiple points of service failure, such as late package deliveries, invalid surcharges, duplicate fees, and more.

Refunds Credited to Your FedEx Shipping Account
Step 3

Refunds Credited to Your FedEx Shipping Account

We file FedEx refund claims for you and directly credit the recovered funds to your FedEx shipping account. Shipware manages the entire process of correcting any wrong charges, requiring zero effort on your part.


Why Choose Shipware for Your FedEx Invoice Audit

FedEx shipping invoices often contain billing errors. Depending on your mix of FedEx Ground to Express services, you could find that 1% to 5% of your invoices are eligible for refunds based on FedEx’s service guarantee.

Scanning invoices manually to identify overcharges, and then submitting individual refund claims is not just cumbersome and time-consuming, but also prone to error.

Shipware’s FedEx audit software automates the entire process for you.

The logistics and supply chain sector is always changing, with teams continually facing new challenges. As priorities shift, you might not have the bandwidth to audit your FedEx shipping invoices within the 15-day window that FedEx provides, potentially missing out on significant savings. 15 days is pretty standard amongst most carriers.

Our FedEx auditing software focuses solely on refund claims and correcting charges, allowing your staff to concentrate on other tasks and ensuring you claim all eligible refunds.

While it may be somewhat straightforward to spot late deliveries manually, there’s more to auditing than that. Eligible refunds can also include duplicate charges, invalid address correction fees, incorrect residential surcharge fees, wrong DIM weight charges, and missing proof of delivery. Not all shipments that seem refund-eligible during a manual audit are indeed eligible, given FedEx’s money-back guarantee exceptions like weather delays. Shipware’s FedEx audit software eliminates the hassle and risk of incorrect claims.

With Shipware, you get access to our online parcel portal where your data is transformed into interactive charts, graphs, and reports, offering actionable insights to your team. This easy-to-use portal helps you manage your FedEx costs, find savings opportunities, and tackle issues like service discounts and surcharge fees.

Businesses that partner with Shipware average 21.5% savings on annual shipping costs

Whether they spend $100 million or fifty thousand per year on shipping, Shipware has helped businesses across all sizes and industries cut costs and spend smarter.

What we learned after working with Shipware is that the confidentiality provision in carrier pricing agreements is a well thought-out strategy to prevent shippers from understanding the rates and terms of other shippers since we can’t disclose rates. The Shipware process allowed us to better understand the discounts and concessions we were entitled to without any breach in terms with our delivery partners.

VP of Supply Chain, Automotive

Detroit MI
We used to use a broker for our LTL shipments. In theory, it’s a good concept: benefit with deeper discounts by aggregating volume from hundreds of other shippers. However, after working with Shipware, we learned that we could avoid huge broker markups and reduce our LTL costs by forging direct relationships with the carriers. We are saving 18% with the same high-quality LTL providers we had been using previously, and as we grow, WE benefit with even higher discounts – and not the broker. We’re also using Shipware’s TMS to identify the right carriers for the right loads for better time in transit at lower costs. I’ll never use a broker again.

Dir of Transportation, Consumer Products

Carlsbad CA
I’m not new to logistics. Been at my job nearly two decades, and I’ve worked with 4-5 parcel invoice audit companies during my career. Shipware’s audit is hands down the best. It delivers significantly greater savings week in and week out, and their spend management reports and portal are tools I actually use to improve my business.

President, Automotive

San Diego CA

Frequently Asked Questions

To manually file a claim, go to FedEx Billing Online, and log in. From the account summary page, locate the invoice corresponding to the late shipment, select the tracking number, and click the “Dispute” button. You’ll then be prompted to enter a dispute type and reason. Alternatively, you can call 1-800-GO-FEDEX to submit your claim. When you engage Shipware, we handle 100% of this process, allowing you to simply watch the refunds appear.
Certain exceptions exist in FedEx's guaranteed service refunds, such as:
  • Services without guaranteed delivery dates.
  • Shipments under agreements with refund waivers.
  • Shipments affected by unforeseen circumstances like bad weather.
  • Errors made by the shipper or receiver.
To get the most current details, always review FedEx's latest Terms and Conditions or consult their Money-Back Service Guarantee page.
Estimated audit savings depend on variables like whether you primarily use FedEx Ground or Express services. Heavy Ground users might save 1-2% on weekly invoices, while Express users could see savings of 4-5%.
Absolutely, both FedEx and FedEx Freight take great pride in its punctual deliveries and offers guaranteed service refunds for delays. Most companies lack the technology or resources to scrutinize every freight bill and file timely claims. Shipware does that for you, ensuring you claim all due refunds and credits. As a FedEx shipper, you have the right to ensure the accuracy of your shipping invoices and the fulfillment of all service guarantees, which are standard practice within the logistics industry. Shipware not only make the claims process easier for you (we do all the work in fact!), but we deliver significantly greater refunds and savings when we are involved in the process.
Shipware simplifies the receipt of your electronic invoices by setting up an automated system, making the setup process quick and easy.

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