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FedEx Contract Negotiations

Secure premier FedEx shipping rates through the expertise of top-tier freight and parcel shipping consultants renowned for their industry-leading negotiation skills.

Secure top-tier rates with FedEx through the guidance of the industry’s premier freight and parcel shipping consultants. Our understanding of carrier pricing combined with robust data analytics helps you secure significant savings—potentially reducing your annual shipping expenses by up to 30%. With comprehensive insights into your shipping profile, we remove the carriers’ advantage in negotiations, ensuring you have all the leverage.

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Our UPS Parcel Contract Optimization Process

We analyze your FedEx shipping data
Step 1

We analyze your FedEx shipping data

We meticulously analyze your FedEx shipping data, focusing on services, zones, weights, accessorial charges, and minimum charges to find areas for cost reduction.

We identify contract optimization opportunities
Step 2

We identify contract optimization opportunities

We detect hidden costs and misaligned discounts within your contracts, aiming to correct them with discounts and incentives that better meet your business needs and enhance spend efficiency.

We implement improved contract rates & terms
Step 3

We implement improved contract rates & terms

Our FedEx consultants guide you through the proposal process that will optimize your FedEx shipping contract, managing all details to secure your ideal terms and rates.


Why choose Shipware for your FedEx negotiations?

Negotiating parcel and freight contracts with a carrier as sophisticated as FedEx necessitates a deep understanding of the industry and an analytical approach. Shipware, backed by decades of experience, has a proven track record of enhancing contract terms for shippers.

We operate under a simple principle: If we don’t save you money, we don’t get paid. This commitment ensures our relentless pursuit of the best possible rates for you, backed by thorough analysis.

Our engagements with businesses of varying sizes consistently deliver substantial savings, averaging 21.5% on annual shipping costs. Our negotiation strategies with FedEx ensure that that you realize savings by shipping on the lowest possible rates and best discounts available to your business.

Businesses that partner with Shipware average 21.5% savings on annual shipping costs

Whether they spend $100 million or fifty thousand per year on shipping, Shipware has helped businesses across all sizes and industries cut costs and spend smarter.

What we learned after working with Shipware is that the confidentiality provision in carrier pricing agreements is a well thought-out strategy to prevent shippers from understanding the rates and terms of other shippers since we can’t disclose rates. The Shipware process allowed us to better understand the discounts and concessions we were entitled to without any breach in terms with our delivery partners.

VP of Supply Chain, Automotive

Detroit MI
We used to use a broker for our LTL shipments. In theory, it’s a good concept: benefit with deeper discounts by aggregating volume from hundreds of other shippers. However, after working with Shipware, we learned that we could avoid huge broker markups and reduce our LTL costs by forging direct relationships with the carriers. We are saving 18% with the same high-quality LTL providers we had been using previously, and as we grow, WE benefit with even higher discounts – and not the broker. We’re also using Shipware’s TMS to identify the right carriers for the right loads for better time in transit at lower costs. I’ll never use a broker again.

Dir of Transportation, Consumer Products

Carlsbad CA
I’m not new to logistics. Been at my job nearly two decades, and I’ve worked with 4-5 parcel invoice audit companies during my career. Shipware’s audit is hands down the best. It delivers significantly greater savings week in and week out, and their spend management reports and portal are tools I actually use to improve my business.

President, Automotive

San Diego CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Shipware will negotiate the best possible rates with FedEx without requiring a carrier switch. Additionally, at you request, we can analyze the advantages of adding or switching carriers, diversifying your carrier mix, or consolidating all your shipping volume with a single provider, providing you with analytics to make informed decisions.
No, Shipware maintains strict confidentiality throughout our engagement.. We equip you with the necessary data, analyses, templates, and language to direct negotiations from the background, ensuring you secure best-in-class rates. We’re committed to keeping our partnership confidential.
No need to wait. Shipware can assist with renegotiating your FedEx contract at any time. Given that shipping costs typically increase annually, we recommend renegotiating contracts yearly, or even more frequently, to ensure continual optimization.
Yes, Shipware offers benchmarking services that compare your FedEx rates with those of similar-sized shippers in your industry. These reports provide insights that can help you realize potential savings.
Yes, we offer ongoing support post-negotiation. Shipware conducts regular business reviews, monitors your shipping costs, identifies improvement areas, and assists with any subsequent changes or challenges.
We advise reviewing your FedEx contract terms annually or whenever there are significant changes in your shipping operations. Shipware helps you stay proactive by identifying opportunities for renegotiation, tracking important dates, and ensuring you have the most favorable terms for your shipping needs. Incorporating these insights and strategies into your FedEx contract negotiations can help you manage your shipping rates, supply chain, and overall carrier agreement more effectively.

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