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Lower Costs, Improve Service, Gain Leverage, and Feel Like a “Big Fish”

Feeling stung by high UPS and FedEx prices? Feel like you’ve got no leverage in a duopoly? Would you like high service options, with better pricing, fewer surcharges, and a “try-harder” attitude? Regional parcel delivery companies might be right for you, and Shipware can help!

Find out if regional delivery companies are right for your business

When it comes to parcel delivery, FedEx and UPS are clearly the dominant players. But you can use regional carriers to supplement the service of the Big Two. In fact, if you haven’t evaluated regionals, you might be leaving money and value on the table.

Like the name implies, regional carriers serve a specific region within the U.S. These service providers are ideal for shippers with multiple distribution centers, especially if the DCs are aligned to the regionals’ delivery footprint.

Regional carriers such as Dicom, LSO, OnTrac, Spee-Dee, Lasership, Pitt-Ohio/US Cargo and others offer reliable parcel delivery services at rates as much as 40% less than national carriers.

Many shippers will cite overall value proposition, including cost savings, consistent service performance and innovations that make it easier to ship with regionals. What’s more, regional carriers offer multiple delivery options that offer many benefits—including lower cost, flexibility and, in many cases, better service.

But how can you determine if regionals are right for you? Shipware will conduct a thorough analysis of your distribution to determine which regionals – and what packages – might make sense to divert to regionals.

Shipware maintains outstanding relationships with all the major regionals and can procure the best pricing available.

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