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FedEx Discounts Through Association Programs

FedEx’s gold standard service, at discounts only the highest volume shippers can afford!

Getting deep discounts with FedEx is easy!

FedEx and UPS offer the best discounts to their highest volume shippers. If you’re a small or medium sized business, it’s impossible to compete when it comes to shipping costs.

But what if you could join as a member of a group purchasing organization that entitled you to discounts that only the biggest shippers have access to? Well, you can through Shipware!

Get deep discounts (into the 70’s for Express and International, 50’s for Ground Commercial, and high 30’s for Ground Home Delivery), discounts on residential fees, and even annual rate caps.

Program rules: 1. You have to currently ship at least half your volume through other carriers (not FedEx) that you’d be willing to ship via FedEx. That’s it. We told you it’s easy!