Today, Shipware is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Parcel Perform, a leading Data and Delivery Experience Platform, to give online sellers unparalleled access to delivery data, checkout data, and shipping cost reduction resources.

With Parcel Perform’s seamless integration, e-commerce brands gain complete visibility into each and every shipment. Logistics teams can track data across every carrier in Parcel Perform’s extensive global network for the most granular insights. In conjunction with Shipware’s carrier negotiation and parcel spend management solutions, the wealth of data Parcel Perform offers can be leveraged to reduce costs, optimize logistics operations, and create a smooth delivery experience for online retailers.

“Parcel Perform is partnering with Shipware to enable greater transparency and logistics efficiency for the e-commerce brands in their network,” said Arne Jeroschewski, CEO and Founder of Parcel Perform. “By combining our leading data capabilities with their expertise and experience, we provide all retailers within the Shipware network with full supply chain visibility. In turn, they’ll be able to streamline their delivery operations and delight customers during the post-checkout stage, making every shipment count.”

Zareh Ambarsoom, Shipware’s Director of Sales, said of the new partnership, “Since the inception of our consultancy, we have been dedicated to giving our clients an upper hand in the world of logistics.  During uncertain times, you have to work with strategic organizations to create certainty.  Shipware has done just this as we’ve partnered with Parcel Perform to help provide additional visibility, clarity and an improved CX for our clients and their clients.“

The timely announcement comes as national carriers prepare to announce holiday peak/demand surcharges and annual rate increases.

For more information on our partnership with Parcel Perform, contact us here.